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Mom's Computer Leadership Team.

Elijah Dittersdorf – Founder and CEO

Jean Lieverman – PMP, MCTS, MCITP – Director of Education

Yoel Kopleovich – Director of Accounting

Myla Gobina – Office Manager

Scott Svatos – Director of Design

Cecily Keim – Director of Brand Marketing

Mom’s Computer Ad team is the in-house creative and content studio of Mom’s Computer, Technology Care for Seniors. Mom’s is a premier studio of strategists, technologists and designers that understands the needs and wants of our senior community. We don’t practice in theory, we spend our days with our elders. We can advise and guide with real in-field date and direction that works!

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Whether you’re a non-profit, or a corporation organizing technology care for your retirees or even a facility seeking patient tech care for your residents, Contact Us, for corporate rates and benefits.

Mom’s Computer is on the lookout for developers with an eye on senior care. We’d be happy to hear from you.