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Complete Computer TuneUp Session. MAC or WINDOWS.

by Mom's Computer,

Computer running slow, storage full, unwanted popups, spinning wheel, email cleanup, remove unwanted programs and adware/malware/viruses and more. In this 1.5 hour session we’ll improve your devices performance, storage and give you the tools you need for daily/weekly self maintenance. Give us a call for more information.

A computers job is to save information for you and allow you to access that data and use it. That data often lives on your device long after it’s usefulness, causing slowdowns and issues. Let’s find it, either save the data or delete it and save yourself the cost of new computer.


1. Clear and remove cache, history, logs, unwanted downloads.

2. Remove unsupported/unwanted programs. Hidden and seen.

3. Thorough malware/scamware/spoofware/virus scan and removal

4. Email management.

5. WiFi speed check.

6. Check all startup items.

7. Review libraries for hidden 3rd party data .

8. Updates when necessary.

There are more checks individual to each operating system make and model.

Call us for more details.