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Zoom or Onsite Classes

Our tech classes and help desks are affordable and effective!

Online or Onsite Classes & Tech Desks Tailored for Your Unique Group

Mom’s Computer, Inc has vast experience in organizing technology education classes, online or live. In our experience we can problem solve & teach best by providing one on one interaction within a group setting.

We provide the Zoom Experience. Assist you with sending out invitations. Helping your guests before the meeting with their Zoom Setup. In a live environment you provide the facility, community room, corporate boardroom, living room or shaded backyard.

Contact us at (800) 281-0692 to discuss the unique needs and concerns of your organization.

View our Power Point Presentation Deck with more details on Mom’s Computer’s Popular Tech Training Programs.

View an example of  one type of an actual Technology Class ‘Live” video.

Expertise Across a Wide Range of Products and Platforms

We Offer Online or Onsite Classes and Tech Desks for all Products; Windows/Apple. Phones/Tablets/Laptops/Android/Iphone.

  • iPhone Training
  • Android Cellphone Training
  • iPad Training
  • MacBook Training
  • Windows PC Training
  • “The Tech Kitchen Sink” or “ Stump the Tech”
  • Facebook Tips and Tricks
  • Twitter, Instagram, Evite, and Pinterest
  • Facetime / Skype
  • Additional Topics Tailored to Your Unique Group

Class needs:

  • We (or you) provide the secure Zoom Meeting Space. Help you with ID/Passwords and invitations for your guests.
  • We provide help in the days before the Zoom Meeting with any guests that need Zoom setup help on their devices.
  • We provide a Video of the Session.
  • We structure each meeting in a way that is best for the patricular group. Please contact us to discuss.
  • Live Tech Desks
  • We will provide training tools such as projector and screen. Standing Counter Tech Desk for Events.
  • You just need to provide the facility, community room, corporate board room, living room, or shaded backyard — if it works for you, it works for us!
  • We need enough electric plugs for people to plug in their devices.
  • We will also need you to provide WIFI, although we can provide it for an extra cost.

Additional Services for live events

  • Catering and/or beverage service.
  • Video Taping / Live Streaming Service.
  • Signers can be provided.

Our techs all bring a laptop/SmartPhone and or tablet. We invite and encourage our guests to bring their devices, old and new. We Provide training Devices.

Mom’s Computer is an Official Tech Tutor For The Los Angeles City Employee Retirement System and the Los Angeles LGBT Center

Contact Us to Bring Our Training Programs and Help Services to Your Non-Profit or Business

LACERS - Los Angeles City Employees Retirement System