We are a virtual company.The idea behind creating it, is to allow us to present to you the public, some of our eclectic products and secondly to share with you your thoughts, concerns and opinions about medical/surgical/health issues that are on you mind.  The Things portion is to showcase some of the products that we have developed and to offer them for sale.  They are really an odd mixture and probably WILL only appeal to a few of you.  However, if you have ever been frustrated when trying to enjoy eating crab legs and simply couldn’t get them open or ended up having to throw away more than half of the leg because you couldn’t get the meat out, … or if you have been one of those who has resorted to being very “politically incorrect” and simply taken that leg to your lips and sucked the meat out, m-a-y-b-e…….you will appreciate the KRABBIT. It is a seafood tool……. .crab leg opener……., shellfish tool,….. .call it what you wish……. it may  help you do this. It is constructed of stainless steel that is washer proof and long lasting.  The KRABBIT can be purchased on the Amazon Market Place online. You might also enjoy seeing a video about cooking crab where a woman is showing how to do that and the KRABBIT, is utilized

Another ‘THING” That you can find currently is the MEDICAL JOURNAL.  This is a booklet that is intended to be used like a diary. The MEDICAL JOURNAL.  allows you to be in control of your own destiny by keeping with you a record of pertinent medical information.  Inside you can record a note about your last visit to your health care provider be it physician, technician for a procedure, or whomever. You can keep track of WHO that person was,  Why you were there that day, What they told you to do and When you were to return.  There are also pages in the back for you to record all your medications… .when to start, when to stop, and how much. In addition you can record all your immunizations .

It’s true, that many health providing institutions are now putting that info online but the MEDICAL JOURNAL  is small enough to fit in most back packs or purses etc.  It can travel with you everywhere just like your wallet and car keys. You need never again be at the mercy of the health service for recalling WHO you are and WHY you are there.  I am sad to say, that even doctors and other medical professionals are not perfect and make mistakes.  Especially in today’s world when they have so many patients and so little time to devote to any one.. Medical personnel DO  make mistakes just like all humans do.  Don’t let it be at your expense.

The MEDICAL JOURNAL  is currently only available directly from us at Keto Enterprises West.com. See the Contact page for information.